My Little Hum is the husband and wife duo Yuri Jewett (vocals/keyboards) and Dan Jewett (guitars/bass). Their sophomore album, Pioneer, was produced and engineered by Allen Clapp (Orange Peels) and is being released on Mystery Lawn Music. The album features Bob Vickers (Incredible Vickers Brothers, Orange Peels) on drums, as well as Jonathan Segal (Camper Van Beethoven) on violins.

The album’s genesis began when Yuri was selected to join an urban design master’s program in New York City. This meant the husband-and-wife team would be living on separate coasts for a while. They used the time well; Yuri studied and wrote lyrics while sleeping on her sister’s couch in the Bronx, Dan sketched out guitar tracks in their Oakland home studio while feeding the cat. 
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Reviews from our debut album Remembering Houses

"'Rise Over Run' balances a rock noisiness with some curious, math-inflected content on the lyrical side, delivered honestly and coolly by Yuri." —Magnet Magazine

"'Yuri has the kind of voice that reminded me of all those great indie pop bands that called San Francisco home in the late '90s." —Tim Hinely, Dagger

"Chiming guitars, lovely overdubbed vocal harmonies, and wonderfully active McCartney-esque bass are just some of the hallmarks of this nine-song collection." — Bill Kopp, Musoscribe

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All photos by Charles Floyd with his custom airplane spy camera!