"'Rise Over Run' balances a rock noisiness with some curious, math-inflected content on the lyrical side, delivered honestly and coolly by Yuri." —Magnet Magazine

"The guitars shimmer and sparkle, with just enough shadows clinging to their notes to keep them from feeling edgeless and rote. Vocals rise and harmonize, with the music spiraling up into the lower atmosphere." —Joshua Pickard, Notes From Left of the Dial

“'Rise Over Run' has this vintage '90s garage rock vibe, and is just oozing with cool." — Wordkrapht

"Chiming guitars, lovely overdubbed vocal harmonies, and wonderfully active McCartney-esque bass are just some of the hallmarks of this nine-song collection." — Bill Kopp, Musoscribe

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All photos by Lenny Gonzalez
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